Free for casual use

Unlock PRO featutres if you want to write more with THORN.



1 space

5 tags

100 articles

200 memos

Basic export & share

Collaborate with up to 1 users

Single image 2MB limit

Multi-device data sync


Billed yearly



10 Spaces

Unlimited tags

Unlimited articles & memos

Advanced export

Advanced editor setting

Advaced share link setting

Collaborate with up to 8 users

Single image 10MB limit

Subscription payment needs to be done in-app


If you have further questions feel free to contact us via the support email.

Do you support refunds?

You can cancel your subscription at any time and no deduction will be made from the next cycle onwards, meaning you will still have normal access to all PRO features until the end of the current subscription cycle.

How do I issue an invoice?

THORN uses Paddle for subscription and tax compliance matters, and when you purchase a THORN service, you will receive an email from Paddle on your behalf with order and invoice information.

Is there an education discount?

We are committed to helping educational institutions, which is why we offer a 30% discount on education. In order to receive this discount, simply contact us at the email address issued by your educational institution.

What will happen to my data when I downgrade to a Base plan?

Nothing will change and you will have access to all your data as usual, but the limitations of the Base plan may prevent you from continuing to create new content.

Can I pay once and use it on all devices?

Yes, we differentiate between subscribers by account. If you have a paid subscription to the PRO plan, then you will have full PRO plan benefits in all supported service regions and on all your devices.

Will it be launched on mobile? What about the web side?

We plan to launch mobile by Q4 2023.

For the web side, we will support users to edit and collaborate on posts on any article sharing link, but will not launch a full-featured version of the web side.

Ready to go?
Get started right away.

Ready to go?
Get started right away.