Text Style Menu

If you select a portion of the text content, the text style menu will be rendered nearby.

The following adjustments can be made to the selected text content via the Text Style menu:

  1. Text color/background

  2. Blod

  3. Italic

  4. Underline

  5. Strike

  6. Inline code

  7. Convert to inline math block

  8. Superscript

  9. Subscript

  10. Clear all text styles

  11. Strong Text

  12. Body Tetx

  13. Caption Text

  14. Add Web Link

A PRO Tip ⚡️

Suppose you are typing a bolded and slanted text, it will be troublesome if you want to unbold and slant it, it doesn't seem very convenient, for this case, THORN provides a shortcut key (Tab or Esc) to clear all text styles currently applied, see the video demonstration!

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