Use Of Multi-Level Tags

Tags are the main form of managing and organizing articles and notes, and in THORN you will see a search box for tags in the following locations.

The common point is that by default, you need to move your mouse to the corresponding position or click the relevant button for the tag search box to be displayed.

Tag search supports fuzzy search and Chinese pinyin search.

If there are search results, you can use the Tab key to jump between the search results and press the Enter key to perform subsequent actions, depending on the specific scenario, which may be to filter the document by tags or to add a tag to an article or a note.

If there are no search results, this means that it is a new tag and pressing enter will create it for you.

For multi-level tag creation, you can search for its parent tag first, then Tab select it and press the space bar to add the parent tag in the search box.

The above instructions are rather tedious, so please watch the video to see it at a glance.

If you have watched the video above, you also noticed that THORN supports the feature of adding tags to articles by dragging and dropping articles to tags. In fact, Notes also supports this feature, but unlike articles, the drag and drop point of Notes is located in the toolbar below Notes instead of Notes itself, i.e. the area shown in the red box in the picture below.

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