THORN Service Region

Upon first login, the application will guide you to select a service region.

We have deployed THORN data synchronization services in three service regions - China, Asia Pacific and North America.

Choose a service region that is close to you for a better data synchronization experience.

How to view and switch service region

As shown above, first open the "Overview Floating Layer", the text content in the middle of the bottom is the current service region, click the current service region to enter the page of switching service regions.


  • THORN saves the current service region configuration as local storage on the current device and will automatically load the service region configuration when you open THORN later.

  • When you log in to use THORN on a new device, you will need to reselect the service region as there is no service locale configuration locally.

  • Service regions are independent and data is isolated from each other, but THORN supports switching between different service regions.

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