PDF Export

You can find the functional area for exporting files by following the steps shown in the figure below.

For PDF file export, you can preview the export effect in advance, then you can adjust the export size, page number, title/content font, as well as the cover page and table of contents page.

In particular, for the picture occupies too much space on the current page can not be placed, resulting in the picture and the content behind the squeezed next page, resulting in the current page but left a lot of blank, THORN also targeted to do optimization, if this situation, the remaining space on the current page will be filled by the content behind the picture, the picture will be placed on the next page.

As you can see in the figure below, the red block was originally followed by the cyan block, but since the cyan block is an image node, the remaining space on the page where the red block is located is no longer enough to put down the cyan block, so the remaining space is filled by the content after the cyan block (blue block).

In addition, for some elements such as tables that span pages, THORN will also make reasonable cuts so that the content can be exported in its entirety.

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