Memos Management

Most of the features of the Notes are located in the global floating layer.

After you open the global floating layer with Command/Alt+Esc, you can see the list of Notes on the Notes page.

As you can see below, by default, the Notes list will show all Notes for the current week, and by clicking the date at the top, you can jump to the Notes list for the corresponding date.

By clicking on the month to open the date picker, you can toggle between months, and a heat map of the current month's attachments will be displayed (the more attachments, the darker the color).

Enter/Exit Memos Editor

After clicking on a note, press the E / Space / Enter key to enter the memo editor, and click anywhere other than the memo content area to exit the editor.

Memo Toolbar

As shown in the figure below, after clicking to select a memo, the mouse moves to the bottom of the memo and the memo toolbar is displayed.

The right side of the toolbar shows the creation time of the memo and some action buttons.

On the left side of the toolbar is a list of tags, click the plus button to search for added tags.

Search and Filter Memos

As shown below, by clicking the tags icon button in the upper right corner, the list of tags will be displayed on the left side, then select a tag, and all the memos with that tag will be displayed.

The search box in the upper-right corner allows you to search the memos. If the list of tabs on the left is open and a tab is selected, then the search for the memos will be limited to that tag.

Pin the memo to the right

Please see the video demonstration.

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