Independent Window For Editing & Export

In Main Window and Global Floating Layer, we introduced the main interface hierarchy logic of THORN into two parts, the Main Window and the Global Floating Layer.

These two sections are always present when THORN is opened, but THORN also has a number of windows that open dynamically on demand, standalone editing windows and file export windows.

Independent Window For Editing

In THORN, you can edit an article or a note in a separate edit window.

If you press the global shortcut for New Article/Following, then the created Article/Following edit window is a separate edit window.

  • New Article: (macOS) Shift + Option + N,(Windows) Shift + Alt + N

  • New Memo: (macOS) Shift + Option + M,(Windows) Shift + Alt + M

How to open the article independent editing window?

In editor view, click the penultimate icon button on the rightmost side of the top toolbar.

In the list view, select "Open in separate window" from the right-click menu.

How to open the Notes editing window

Open the global floating layer via Command/Alt + Esc, then click the penultimate icon button in the toolbar below the Notes.

Independent Window For File Export

As shown in the figure below, in the File Export section of the Sharing panel in the right sidebar of Edit View, click Export Markdown file, PDF file, or image file to open the file export window.

If you edit the article content in the editor, the corresponding file export window content will be automatically updated in real time.

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